Receptionist bot at your service

Do customers sometimes simply walk in to your office, not really knowing what do do? Or perhaps you already have someone who has to keep 1 eye on the main entrance at all times, just to make sure any guests are welcomed?

Not anymore.

A bot can easily inform you and your colleagues, when someone arrives, by having the guest check-in on an iPad stand or a similar device. A bot never gets tired. It provides the same service to all your customers. It can handle everything required for a professional reception, and it's damn easy to setup.

Welcome to 2018. The bots are here.

Everything required for a professional reception

Easy setup

You can sign up right now, and start checking in customers through an iPad or a similar device immediately.

Logging visitors

All visits are logged in a database for you, so you can always track who has visited your office. The log saves timestamps and name of visitor, for your convenience.

Notifications through Slack or e-mail

You can receive notifications through either Slack or e-mail on check-ins. If you are interested in both, then no worries. That's also an option.

Born in a modern tech-savvy co-working space in Copenhagen

The iPad receptionist bot was initially built for the co-working space 24labs. We made the app after trying a few very expensive alternatives on the market. We didn't understand that it had to be soo expensive and at the same time we really wanted to have an easy and hassle-free way of allowing guests to notify people at the office, when showing up. The iPad receptionist bot was the result.

We built the app to integrate with Slack and e-mail, so all you need for the app to work at your office is either slack or an e-mail account, where all notifications can be sent. We're using the app with a #receptionist channel in slack, so everyone can see when guests arrive. We're open for suggestions if you have any wishes for the app.

The picture shows me (left) playing a round of table tennis with a colleague, while our beloved receptionist handles visitors :-)

// Bo Møller, 24labs.

Screenshots & happy people

Comments, thoughts or wishes?

Contact us on [email protected] if you have any requests. Or sign up and give it all a try :-)